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Bomb Countermeasures CD-ROM
Lesson Plan Commentary and Graphic Overview


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Reviewer Comments About the BCSP CD-ROM 2.0

These lessons allow the CD-ROM to be used as an instructional tool for trainers or security managers. Users can set their own pace as they move through each slide. With a consistent slide and navigational button format, users can go forward and back and explore the various lessons effortlessly.

There is a lot that I like about this product and very little that I dislike. As a trainer, I like the instructor's Tools section containing Powerpoint-type slides that can be used in classroom presentations. In addition, this section also has lesson plans for each of the ten segments.

I also like the quality of the photographs used. According to the author, over 1,000 photographs were used in developing this product. I also like the use of charts, graphs, and other visuals.

This product has many practical applications for security professionals. For instance, when showing graphics such as Bomb Threat Cards, Mail Bomb Recognition Clues, or Vehicle Inspection Checklists, a "print" button is nearby, allowing ease for printing.

I also like the exercises interspersed throughout such as the Mail Bomb test that allows users to decide whether a piece of mail should be forwarded or stopped for further examination. Another "fun" exercise puts the user in the place of a bomber attempting to detonate a roadside bomb to kill targets traveling in vehicles at different speeds. The exercise demonstrates that an increase in vehicle speed makes the accuracy of a roadside bomb detonation much more difficult.

I also like that this CD-ROM can also be used as a reference source on bombs, bombings, and bomb countermeasures. On the main page, the "Reference" button provides info on ATBlast, Equipment Manufacturers, Evacuation Tables, Explosive Detection Systems, Printable References, and a database of of info on terrorist bombers called Threat Groups 2001. Also, blue buttons send the user directly to sources of info on the Internet, another nice touch.

My only criticism is that I'd still like to see more multimedia content and less required reading. However, all in all, Bomb Countermeasures for Security Professionals Version 2.0 is a fine product. I know of no other product that provides so much information on bombs and bombings in one place.

Lesson One: Threat Introduction


Lesson Two: Characteristics of Explosive Devices


Lesson Three: Bomb Security Planning


Lesson Four: Defense Against Courier-Delivered Bombs


Lesson Five: Bomb Search and Threat Response


Lesson Six: Defense Against Mail Bombs


Lesson Seven: Defense Against Anti-Vehicle Bombs


Lesson Eight: Defense Against WMD-Scale Bombs


Lesson Nine: Blast Mitigation Design


Lesson Ten: Post-Blast Response Procedures


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