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Bomb Countermeasures CD-ROM
BCSP 2.0 CD-ROM Reviews


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After September 11, practically every security professional is concerned about terrorism and bombings. That makes the new release of the second version of BOMB COUNTERMEASURES CD-ROM FOR SECURITY PROFESSIONALS well timed.

The BCSP CD-ROM, consisting of ten lessons covering an array of topics, incorporates interactive exercises to test one's ability in applying security principles. It is a fine resource from which to develop policy and procedures. It can also serve as a training module and reference guide. As a source for policy and procedures, the BCSP CD-ROM provides a comprehensive overview of the threats security professionals might encounter. The amount of information that has been compiled in a useful format is unparalleled. Many of the lessons are broken down into steps to assist in developing policies and procedures in countermeasures, searches, evacuation protocols, and post-blast procedures.

As a training tool, the BCSP CD-ROM offers 10 modules to train officers on comprehensive searches, security measures, assistance to building occupants, and other topics. The disk does not purport to be a technical guide to disarming bombs, but rather a guide on what to look for in identifying and responding to bomb incidents. Each lesson lasts from one to two hours and concludes with a review quiz of 10 questions.

As a reference guide, 


is unmatched!

If a reference isn't mentioned in this CD-ROM, it probably can't be found.

A dedicated section on references includes equipment manufacturers, evacuation tables, detection systems, threat groups, and ATBLAST (a blast-effects prediction tool), among many others. Internet links point the user to still more information.

The effort put into this CD is evident. The graphics and presentations are impressive, and its creators undoubtably took the project extremely seriously.

Overall, this is a product that security managers will likely refer to time and again.

It is highly recommended!

and Available Now For Only $199.00 - Prepaid From:


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South Plainfield, NJ 07080-0663