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Bomb Countermeasures CD-ROM
Portrait of a Criminal Bomber


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Just Who Is or May Be The Bomber Who Walks Among Us Each Day?

Portrait of a Criminal Bomber

The following is a prelimininary summary of the characteristics of 50 incarcerated bombers (U.S.) studied by the NCAVC as part of a new offender typology research project. This summary provides a good survey of the characteristics of North American bombers.

Sex:   100% Male

74% White
12% Black
4% Hispanic

Maritial Status:
58% Married at least once

72% HS diploma or higher

38% Under 18
50% Under 23

Mean IQ 111

Mental Health:
40% Mental health history

Economic Status:
74% Middle class
56% Average + income

60% Stably employed
30% Prior military service
50% Constr., Mechanics
17% Trained in electronics

56% Stable childhood home

44% Self-described loners


National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime

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